Homeschool Field Day at Rockmont

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Thursday May 26, 2011 Under Claire, Cobey, Good Eats/Not So Good Eats, Homeschool, Kid's Corner, Travel

Yesterday, we drove to Asheville to be close for today’s activities. We meet a high school friend of mine at Asheville Pizza and Brewery Company-  her suggestion. It has an outside patio and several different rooms inside. The kid’s chose the room with the HUGE screen and video games of coarse.  Some seats had some wear and tear but other than that it was perfect. I ordered a greek salad, Claire had a personal pizza and Cobey had chicken strips and fries. My salad was wonderful and the bill was only 15 bucks. The kids were entertained and staff was awesome. Check it out if you are in town.


Today we went to the first ever Homeschool Field Day at Rockmont. Rockmont is a Christian summer camp for boys but girls were invited for this day of fun.  In the morning, the kids had several skills to choose from. We chose air rifle (Cobey’s favorite), wilderness survival (Claire’s favorite) and Archery. We waited in line for tree climbing but we had to leave for wilderness survival before they got a turn.  Claire tried air rifle but she did not like it and would not even try the bow and arrow. The wilderness survival was a great hike that included building a shelter and showing edible trees. After lunch, we had free time on the lake.  I know the photos are not great but show perspective. The top photo is Claire on the gulley washer. (She is the blury dot.) She was the smallest one I saw on it! The bottom is Cobey jumping on the blob. They had three hours on the lake and it was great fun. It was well worth the 10 dollars per participant. They did a great job for the first time. Next time it would be nice to split people between skills and lake time so there is not long lines. They are having a water day later this summer. I will post in comments when I find out the date.

Tomorrow we are off to National Parks and then the beach. I hope to post from the beach but don’t always have a great signal so till next time.

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