Art Detectives

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Wednesday Aug 17, 2011 Under Claire, Cobey, Homeschool, Kid's Corner

We had a few homeschool families over today for an art appreciation lesson. We used a free kit that I borrowed from the NC Museum of Art. We first looked at a painting and then turned it over to see how many things we could remember. In Charlotte Mason terms, this is called Picture Study. It is a great activity to do to develop the discipline of attention which I have come to believe is an essential part of learning.

We then divided the kids into four teams and they each got a case to solve. They had a picture of a piece of art, evidence, and a suspect costume. They were detectives and had to come up with a story behind the art. The kids really enjoyed it and wanted to do more than one case. We then shared our stories and compared how they were different.

They used skills of evaluation, making associations, problem finding, interpretation, flexible thinking, visual analysis and recall. They did all this while having fun!! Go the NC Museum of Art’s website and look under explore and then educators and reserve your kit!


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