Lee County and State Fair 2012

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If you hate when people brag about there kids, just stop right now and go to another post. This post is for ONLY those who truly love my children and care about their awesome accomplishment (i.e. for the grandparents). The kids participated in the local Lee County Fair and in the State Fair with a wide variety projects. At the county fair, Claire one 11 first place ribbons, 2 second place ribbons and 1 3rd place ribbons. My favorite project was her recycled sculpture that she made at the NC Art Museum. Cobey won 5 first place ribbons, 6 second place ribbons and 1 third place ribbon. My favorite project of Cobey’s was his photography projects. I also liked his collection of patches from many of the places that we had been to. He had sorted them into categories.

At the State Fair, Claire got 2 first place ribbons, 7 second place ribbons and 1 third place ribbon. Claire did lots of cooking with honey, scrapbook pages, rubber stamping cards and other projects. She got her two first place ribbons in flower arranging which she did with Grandma. Cobey got 1 Best of Show ribbon,  3 first place ribbon, 2 second place ribbons and 3 third place ribbons. He got the Best of Show ribbon for his digital scrapbook pages of his experience at Camp Arrowhead.  He also got a first place with a game board he wove and with his honey.

They were very proud of all their winnings.  At the county fair, the kids had fun showing off their ribbons to friends and family, eating fair food and riding roads. At the state fair, we told the kids that we were not going to ride any rides and they discovered how much fun all the exhibits were. On the way out they commented about how much fun they had even though they did not get to ride any rides. We are already planning for more fair fun next year.

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HSLDA Conference – 2012

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Sunday Sep 30, 2012 Under Homeschool, Travel

I was so blessed to have received  a scholarship provided by Classical Conversation to attend the Homeschool Legal Defense Association’s  Leadership Conference. This year it was held in Orlando, Fl. The conference was so different from other homeschool conferences that I have attended.  It focuses on helping leaders develop skills to more effectively run statewide associations.

I have always known about HSLDA but never been a member.  After this conference I will never NOT be a member. I saw the dedication, commitment and heart they have for the  homeschool community. They impressed me with all they have done for the homeschool community and their future plan. I tell everyone now that they should be a member of this organization not because you may need them one day but because we ALL need them.

At every conference, I fall in love with a speaker and want to soak up everything they have to teach me. This time it was Heidi St John with First Class Homeschool Ministries.  She spoke at the Woman’s Tea and she truly spoke to my heart. One of the things she said that I have not forgotten was “We need to put down the banner of homeschooling and wave the banner of Jesus Christ.” I think that is so true and I am guilty of waving the homeschool banner. And the other cool thing was I ended up sitting with her at dinner and I did not even have to stalk her.

Another speaker that I really enjoyed was Ken Sande, who founded Peacemakers Ministries and now has started Relational Wisdom 360. He does an amazing job of approaching relationships with a Biblical foundation in mind. I look forward to seeing the materials he is developing that will teach about relationships using movies.

Another highlight of the weekend was a movie screening of Hero by Advent Film Group. It is a wonderful story about striving to restore  a broken relationship between a father and  a son. The movie even used homeschool kids from the Winston-Salem area. It is a great story with great actors and professional done. Everyone who had or has been a father should go see this movie when it comes out.

I am so thankful for Melanie Young with Raising Real Men for encouraging me to make this happen, HSLDA for putting it on and for Classical Conversations for paving the way. I was so blessed by attending and will use many things that I learned from the conference. I believe I am a better homeschool leader because of this conference.

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2012 NC GOP Convention

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I just got back from the 2012 NC GOP Convention. It was so much fun to go with Pam Kerley who had never been. I loved showing her the ropes. We arrived on Friday such in time for a lunch at the LiberTea Suite and to hear Tim Daughtry speak. He did a excellent job speaking on how to defend and promote Constitutional conservatism. EVERY conservative should read his book – Waking the Sleeping Giant. I have not read it yet but after listening to his talk it has to be good and it is in the stack. It is time we stop just talking about taking back our country and start obtaining the tools to get it back. This book is a great start. The LiberTea Suite was awesome all weekend and we visited several times.



After lunch, we stayed for the Council of State races forum. I am not just saying this because I am a Dan fan but he knocked it out of the park.  Tony Gurley seemed nervous – maybe it was being in a room full of red shirts. Dan came across as the statesman in the room. Dan has visited every county at least once – many multiple times. Gurley spent money on ads. It is clear that Dan will be a Lt Governor that listens and is their to serve the people of North Carolina. The next stark difference was Ed Goodwin and Kenn Gardner in the Secretary of State race. Goodwin took command of the forum and seemed confident. Gardner read from his notes about weeding the garden. I loved when Goodwin said if we can track a cow from birth to table we should just give each illegal immigrant a cow. John Tedsco and Richard Alexander – State Superintendent were next. This was a little closer with both making really good points but Tedsco seems to have the momentum. Mike Causey spoke. His opponent, Richard Morgan, did not bother to show up. We MUST defeat Morgan in July. If you don’t know his background then ask me and I will give you the details. Many of the attendees went to see Donald Trump that night.  Pam and I started visiting the hospitality suites early. After Trump,  Dan’s suite was packed and we heard about the ice cream all weekend.

On Saturday, we started the day at a breakout where Speaker of the House Thom Tillis gave a legislative update and held a town hall type meeting. We caught up with him later at a hospitality suite and got a photo. (see photo at top) We had a great conversation about this visit with Rep. Mike Stone to Turkey. At lunch we heard Gov Tim Pawlenty and dinner Gov Rick Perry. Surprising, I liked Pawlenty speech the best but everyone was on the same page which is this is a key election and we need to get behind Roomney.  My favorite quote from Pawlenty –  “We have to stop running the government like an open bar.” My favorite Perry quote -“Whether you’re Tarheel blue or Blue Devil blue, we can all agree that this November North Carolina needs to be Wolfpack red.”  We re-elected Rep David Lewis as National Committeeman and Ada Fisher as National Committeewoman. We approved the platform and some resolutions but the highlight of the business meeting was an inspiring speech from our the future governor of NC – Pat McCory.  The night ended much like the one before with a little dancing and AWESOME comedy from Steven Crowder added in.

Sunday morning we went to the Prayer Breakfast which was another highlight of the weekend. I loved hearing Dale Folwell, US Rep Virginia Foxx, Justice Paul Newby and Ralph Reed speak. As Christians , I feel more and more strongly that is our RESPONSIBILITY  to take back our culture and our country. After this weekend, I have hope that we have some excellent people to help accomplish this goal but we need many more people to get engaged in the process. After breakfast, we had some photos taken  to prove we do have other clothes besides Dan T-shirts. I am already looking forward to next year in Charlotte when we will have a Roomney as President, Pat as Govenor, Dan as Lt Governor, Ed as Secretary of Stake, Mike as Commissioner of Issuance, Newby still on the NC Supreme Court, Lewis, Stone and Jordan still in the NC House,and  Brock still in the State Senate. Now that is going to be a party!! David Lewis better go ahead and get reserve us a big suite!!

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