Become a Junior Zookeeper at Indianapolis Zoo

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11402931_10205781076860836_6230966643007750309_nWe only had a few hours to spend but we packed in as much as possible.  What I love about zoos is they all have a different twist.  There were several highlights from this zoo. One would be the dolphin show which was pretty good. My only complaint was it was hard to understand what the trainers were saying. We also went to the All-Star Dog show. It was also entertaining. They had where you could feed the birds and giraffe. They also had the now obligatory rides at the zoo. They had a train, a carousel and a decent roller coaster.

11218173_10205781074660781_4697642178762626424_nThe part we like the best and didn’t figure out till we had been there for a while was the Zookeeper Challenge. There are kiosks throughout the park where you can tap your unlimited wrist band and get started. You tap at the kiosk near of the animals and then back to the station where it ask you a question. The challenge really teaches you a lot in a fun way.   You get a reward at the end at the gift shop. We only had time to do about half but Claire loved it and it made getting the all inclusive package worth it. If you want to save money then only get the package for the kid that wants to do the activity. We only got it for Claire. She rode the carousel,  fed the birds several times and did the zookeeper challenge so it paid for itself.

We stayed around four hours. We didn’t get to hear any zoo chats and didn’t do all the rides but saw both shows and most of the animals. You could easily spend a day here or even less time if you only walked through and saw the animals. It was a good zoo and worth the visit.

Relaxing While Claire Feeds the Birds

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Virginia Safari Park

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IMG_0482On the way home, we stopped at Virginia Safari Park. It is a lot like Lazy 5 Ranch in North Carolina. I have done the wagon at Lazy 5 Ranch but not driven my car thru.  The animals coming right up to the car made me a little nervous and there were times that I thought they would not never move out of the way. We had to roll up the windows at times to get them out of the car. Included in admission is  a really nice guide of all the animals and information about them. Also included in the price is a part where you walk around and see some animal. In this area, they have a place where you can feed giraffes and birds.  It was fun and everyone should drive thru a zoo at least once their life.

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Zootastic at Lake Norman

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Claire Feeding Tiger

Kangaroo with Claire and SusanOur friend Susan Tillis was celebrating a big birthday. ( I think it was 30.) We wanted to give her a present and we like to give people  memories instead of things.  Susan had taken us on a trip to the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro. We had a great time and knew she loved animals. When I saw a animal encounter in her area on living social, I knew we had to do it. The package was an hour with four baby animals for up to five people. After the encounter, it also included a guided tour of the zoo.  They took us to a large room where she told us the first animals to come out would be the lemurs.  The lemurs came out on the backs of baby goats but at first you could not see the lemurs. Cobey said “they are NOT lemurs.” I think he thought we were being scammed. When the goats got close the lemurs jumped right into Susan’s lap to get some fruit loops. I think it startled her at first, The next animal to arrive was the baby kangeroo which Claire fed with a bottle  and we all held. It was really sweet. . We got to choose between wolves and zebra for the next animal. We picked wolves because they are more playful. They looked and acted like dogs which Claire loved. The last animal was the tiger which we had been hearing the whole time and he did not sound happy. We were a little worried at first but after Claire gave him a bottle he was fine. It was really a wonderful experience. Even Cobey who is not an animal person seemed to really enjoy the experience. We then went on about an hour tour of the zoo where they gave some facts about the different animals.  It was a great experience and  well worth the money.  We definitely made some memories.

Animal Encounter

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