Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

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Children's Museum of Indianapolis

10469218_10205757805319062_1520622651547755356_nWe arrived around noon and stayed till closing which was five o’clock. Cobey is thirteen now and the time has arrived. He thought he was too old for the museum. I wish it was renamed the Indianapolis Science and History Museum because then I think he would have been fine. It was very interactive and fun but also had lots of good information. He said his favorite part was the Mario Cart. Really? Sigh!!!



Claire ,who is ten, loved the entire museum. She especially loved the small fashion exhibit which was right up her alley. She also liked the Treasures of the Earth which was a great exhibit on a Pharaoh’s tomb, Captain Kidd ship wreck and Terra Cotta Warriors.  She had a great time being part of the pit crew in the Hot Wheels exhibit. We watched two well done programs in the Planetarium. One was on the history of flight and one was on returning to the moon.  I was most impressed with the number of programs. They have something going on all the time. You could easily spend an entire day just going to programs. Claire participated in one that was a science experiment and another that taught about Chinese characters.

They claim to be the biggest and best children’s museum. It did seem to be the biggest although there seemed to be a lot of wasted space. It certainly was one of the best we have been to. I guess I am a little sad that my years of visiting Children’s Museums is coming to an end.



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We started our day at the Riverbanks Zoo. Let me just say I LOVE this zoo!! It is probably not the best zoo for the animals but it is the best zoo for visitors.  We got in free with our aquarium pass but I wish I had splurged and gotten the unlimited ride bracelet. Next time we will stay longer and get the bracelet for the kids at least. Claire loved feeding the giraffe where they ate out of her hand. It is not like the NC Zoo where you hold out a long stick and they may come and get a bite. She also loved feeding the birds. They were all over her including on her head. The zoo had two movies, ride the pony,  a train, a carousel, and a climbing wall that we did not do that are all on the ride bracelet. They also have a ropes course that is extra.  We saw the Aquarium Diving Demo and it was awesome. I have seen several divers at other aquariums but this one was by far the best.  They have a different show about every half our so you could spend a day doing that. There were very low crowds and not a huge amount of walking for a zoo. We will be back and plan to spend the day!!



Next stop was Edventure, the Children’s Museum. We had been several years ago but the kids barely remember. They loved Ed and climbing in his brain and stomach. Claire liked playing in the Vet of course. Cobey liked being the weatherman and tearing down his building with the bulldozer. I wish we had spent more time at the zoo and less time here. Two hours would have been enough here but they had a good time. Cobey got a little bored but Claire stayed entertained.

We then went across the parking lot to the night at the museum at SC State Museum with Carolina Homeschoolers. We had to wait for the museum to close and for our group to be allowed in so we read some while we waited. When we got in they showed us to our sleeping spots where we dropped off our stuff.  The second floor is a bad natural science museum. The third floor has some cool space and interactive science exhibits. The fourth floor has some cool history exhibits. Claire liked the Hunley and schoolhouse exhibit. Cobey liked the Revolutionary and Civil War exhibits. Big surprise. They had special activities on each floor. They had a star lab which was the best activity. They had a station with colonial games, tasting station with hard tack, grits and coffee and a station to make butter. We had gone to bed last night at 10:30 but it was hard to get to sleep because the exhibit we were next time had an African slave song playing over and over. They did not know how to turn it out off and it was not exactly lullaby music. Many people were very upset and most moved to another area. Our group took it in stride. Do you really expect to go to a museum to sleep and think it will be perfectly quite? Anyway, it went off around midnight. It was neat to explore the museum after hours with so few people. The next morning we got to tour the traveling BodyWorks exhibit which was AWESOME!! It was my favorite part by far. I am glad we had the experience of sleeping in the museum.  I am glad we did it but I don’t know if I would pay the money to do it again. I thought many times during the nights for the amount I paid I could be sleeping in a  nice hotel right now.

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We stopped on our way to Edenton at the Rocky Mount Children’s Museum. It was a good half way point to take a break. We stayed an hour which was plenty of time. We had been several years ago but most of the exhibits had changed. It was free because we have a children’s museum membership.  There is a dinosaur exhibit, an exhibit that shows how your body works, a preschool gym that the kids were almost too big for, two costumes to dress up and a natural science center. The science center has a touch tank that has nothing to touch in it.  It has an alligator and a python that are living. The best part of the day was when the Rhino started making noisy and scared me half to death.  Overall it is an okay museum but I would not go out of my way to go there. It is not no were near as good as a NC Museum of National Science or a Marbles.

We had dinner at Waterman’s Grill in Edenton which was recommended by our hotel.  It is downtown Edenton and not on the water.  You could see the water from some of the tables thru a small window but not from our table. I like being on the water when I eat seafood but besides that the atmosphere was nice. They don’t have a kid’s menu except for a shrimp plate for 7.50. I hate paying money for food for Claire that she will not eat. I had streamed shrimp, Cobey had a salad with fried oysters and Claire had the shrimp plate. The kids food looked really good and they enjoyed it. My shrimp was overdone but okay. Cobey had key lime pie for dessert that was excellent.  Overall it was good but for a family with kids, it was on the pricey side.


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I have had a few busy weeks. We spent a few days at the beach where we celebrated my brothers birthday. We had a lot of fun with a Casino theme. We also

While we were there, the Senate voted to override the governor’s veto on HB  854- Woman’s Right to Know. This was the last step and  I was so excited because I worked on getting this bill passed. They have been trying to pass this bill for over thirty years. It will save between 3,000 to 6,000 babies a year. Praise the Lord!!

Also while I was there, I finished two storybooks, planned for next homeschool term and started on my NC History Curriculum.

When we returned home, we went to Sword of Peace at Snow Camp. The play is about the Quaker’s internal struggle with rather to fight in Revolutionary War or stick with religious beliefs. I don’t believe it is quite as good as Horn in the West and The Lost Colony but a decent show. I recommend you read about Nathaniel Greene and the Revolutionary War in NC before you go to make it even more meaningful and easier to follow along. Claire was disappointed that she could not go on stage afterward to take photos with the actors. They did greet us as we were leaving.

On Saturday, I will be leaving for a trip to Belize. Please follow our team here:


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We headed for the mountains this weekend to visit some good friends. On the way up, we stopped at Guildford Courthouse National Park. After all the parks we have been to that have been so good, I don’t know why they continue to surprise me. This park is much bigger and better than I expected. I highly recommend it to anyone learning about Revolutionary War, colonial times, or NC History.

We started in the museum with a thirty minute movie that gave a good overview of the battle.  We then walked through the museum which is not huge but has some good exhibits and different from other parks. We then watched the map presentation which shows in detail the moves of the forces. The kids finished their junior ranger program and then we saw a musket demonstration.

We decided to do an audio tour instead of the ranger tour. The audio tour gave information about each stop. I was glad we did it because we would have probably missed the first stop which was great.  Not far down the road is the Colonial Heritage Center. Here they focus more on colonial life using the Hoskins Farmstead as the back drop. There is a map display that I think is better than the one in the visitor display. They have a separate junior ranger program that is very good. They get to know what life would be like for  two of the Hoskin’s children for Hannah and Joseph.  There are  different pages for girls and boys.

We went through the museum first that showed life on the farm and included clothes they wore, how a mill worked, different trades, and a life size cabin. The children answered most of the questions of the Junior Ranger program in the museum. We then had a guided tour of the building outside- home, kitchen and barn. We had an awesome guide. She was so great at engaging the children and asking them questions. She even stumped Cobey with a few questions.

After we completed the junior ranger badges, we finished the audio tour. We did not get out at every stop but around three our four. We were at park for over four hours and the kids loved it and wanted to go back.

On the way back from the mountains, we stopped at the Winston-Salem Children’s Museum. This was our second visit and the kids had a great time. Cobey loved the beanstalk that you climb to get to the second floor. On the second floor, the kids loved the Krispie Kreme shop. Cobey spent most of his time there where it was his store and he ran the business. Claire also enjoyed the grocery store and the storybook area. There was a special puppet show there based on Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. I was excited about that because we are going to start Shakespeare this year and this was an excellent introduction.

After the museum, we had dinner at Frontline Brewery a few blocks away. The service was excellent and food was delicious. Tuesdays is half off the children’s menu so give it a try.



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