NC GOP Convention

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Saturday Jun 4, 2011 Under Politics

It is 2:30 am and I am back in my room from a fun evening at the NC GOP convention in Wilmington, NC. One of the highlights of the evening was the Salute to the Troops Banquet. The featured speaker was Congressman Allen West. This freshman congressman gave an inspiring passionate speech. I hope more Americans will be fortunate enough to hear him speak.

After dinner I made the rounds of  the hospitality suites. I went to both candidates for Lt Governor- Dan Forest – and Tony Gurley I have an initial opinion but I would like to gather some more info. I also went to the suites of  Robin Hayes, Wayne King, Senate Caucus and Young Professional Republicans. By the way, when did they become the Young Professional Republican? They were just Young Republicans when I was involved with them. I have aged out now. How depressing!

After the suites closed down, I went downtown with some friends. The best part was watching Jeff Mixon and my roomy sing karaoke. It was a perfect ending to a fun evening. I am looking forward to what is in store for tomorrow.

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North Carolina Federation of Republican Women’s Spring Board Meeting

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Wednesday May 18, 2011 Under Politics

I have been involved in politics since my days at Appalachian State University where I was a College Republican. I met my husband at a Wake County Young Republican Meeting. I have served and am currently serving on the executive committee of the Lee County Republican Party. I have volunteered on numerous campaigns over the years.  I have had some huge disappointments and some great celebrations but through it all I have stayed passionate. I have seen that one person can make a difference. My hope for the future of our country and our children is why I stay involved.

The newest organization that I got involved in was Lee County Federation of Republican Women.  One of the main reasons that I am involved is Zan Bunn who is currently serving on the state board. She is an inspiration, powerful woman for which I have a lot of respect. I thought if she was involved it must be good. So since my life is not crazy enough, I added another organization and meeting in to my life and so far no regrets.

A few weekends ago, I went to Hickory to attend the North Carolina Federation of Republican Women’s Spring Board Meeting.  Friday night Sharon Day – National RNC Co-Chair spoke at the dinner. It was a speech on the need to get ready for a fight and a pat on the back for state leaders. The next day is when it got exciting. The morning meeting was where they elected officers to the state level and delegates to the national convention. I really did not know any of the people and the officers ran unopposed so this part was not interesting to me. I was excited when I learned about the essay contest they sponsor each year. This year the topic was what the flag means to me. The state winner earns a one thousand dollar savings bond. I look forward to promoting this in our county and having a county winner.

At lunch we were blessed to hear the Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch of Wisconsin speak. She is a passionate, well-spoken, intelligent, powerful,  beautiful woman that I hope to see more of . She spoke about what had been happening  in her state with the unions. She also spoke of how she was getting companies to move to her state by being attractive to businesses. She talked about her fight against cancer. But what I loved the most, was when she spoke of how she was doing this because she was a mom. It is for her kids to make Wisconsin a better place for them. I can’t think of a better reason.

Princella Smith was another dynamo  that spoke at lunch. She is a young woman of twenty-seven that has it together. Her speech was how we have to make others want to join us by our example. As a preacher’s daughter she compared getting people to join us in the party to getting people to join us at church. I think we will see more of her in the future.

After lunch, we went to our breakouts. I decided to attend Hal Weatherman’s Connecting the Dots. It was an eye-opening workshop that EVERY American should hear. He said the number one threat to American is not healthcare or our national debt but NON VIOLENT Islamic groups.  His presentation clearly lays out how many of these non profit groups are fronts for other organizations. These non violent groups means are different but the end is the same – Shari Law in America. You will hear people call this man and the organization he works with (ACT for American) racist but after hearing his presentation I do not believe it for a minute. I hope to bring Mr. Weatherman to my area so more can be educated with his presentation.


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Tip #1- If you live a crazy life then you can’t live a perfect life.

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Saturday May 7, 2011 Under Politics

When you live a life like I do, you have to get over anything being perfect. I left my home with loads of laundry, dishes that need to be done and not being able to find my deodorant. So I may be a little smelly but I had a nice evening in Hickory with like minded woman.


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Off I Go Again!

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Friday May 6, 2011 Under Politics

I have been home less than 24 hours and I am off to the North Carolina Federation of Republican Women in Hickory. Hope to get started with this blog tonight when I get in my room. And now I am off….


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