Where have I been? Election 2012

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Well, I just looked and the last trip I posted about was when we went to Detroit over Labor Day Weekend. We have done a few things since then as you can imagine. The kids and have knocked on doors, made phone calls, participated in a sign wave, worked early polls and been to rallies across the state. One of my favorite was when we saw Rick Santorum in Gastonia. I loved his speech which gave a history lesson and have so much respect for him.  I enjoyed the almost three hour drive there and back. Meg Hanna and Cobey counted signs on the way there and watched Obama 2016 on the way back. They had some great conversations that made me smile. We also went to a rally in Smithfield with Governor Chris Christie. This was a turning point for Claire. Before that event Claire like to go to HQ to socialize but did not show much interest in politics.  After the event, Claire was quoting politicians and wanted to go to more rallies. The day before the election we went door to door and she wanted to go to every door. She may be giving Cobey a run for the money.

Election Day was not all what we had hoped for. First, I don’t believe this was God’s will for us because  I don’t believe God’s desire is for us to have a president that promotes homosexuality, kills babies and turns his back Israel. However,  I do believe God is sovereign and allows things to happen like I as a parent allow natural consequences to happen to my children in hopes they will learn a lesson. I can’t help but wonder how bad it will get to learn this lesson The fraud that I am hearing about is disturbing- counties with 141% turnout and precincts that went 100% for Obama. It really makes it hard to put the thing to rest. I am praying that the House of Representatives will slow Obama down or Mike Farris’s plan of states rights will make a difference. I believe if things continue as they are we will have huge wins in mid-term and take back the Senate. I have worked with so many great patriots across this country that I know we are not ready to back down and let our freedoms die. I continue to have hope. I TRUST that God will take care of me and my family. I will be praying daily for Obama. I pray he has a change of heart on some issues and has DIVINE wisdom. We need to be stand guard against the UN Treaties and fight them with everything we can. We need to start working to mid-term elections. We must Pray Fight Work and that is what I will do.


On a much happier note, my state is now red. We for the first time to have a Republican Executive, Legislative and Judicial branch. I am so excited to have Pat McCory as our new Governor and Justice Paul Newby back on the Supreme Court. My friends Jonathan Jordan and Mike Stone will be headed back to NC House. Another friend Frank Williams won his county commissioner seat.  I am pleased to have Kirk Smith as County Commissioner and Mary Wells as a new judge. I will be MOST excited when they officially make Dan Forest the winner of the Lt Gov race. We have worked long and hard on that race. I don’t understand how you can elect Pat McCory as Governor and Elaine Marshall as Secretary of State. It can ONLY be explained by uninformed voters because Ed Goodwin would have served us well. And if hard work and integrity would have won the day then Cathy Wright would be serving in the NC House but it does not work that way. Overall, it was a good day and I think we have a great group to work with. Now to tell you what else I have been up to….



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Several Fun Political Event in August and September

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I went to several political events over the last two months. Dawn Hickerson, her daughter, Brianna and I went to see Romney and Ryan in High Point. Romney picked Ryan the day before which got us very excited to go and see them both together. We waited for hours and it was very very hot. We were in the back of the room but it was exciting to be there and part of it. Afterward, we happen to be stopped by police on a ramp and we figured it was because the bus was coming thru. I love the photo above that  captured by a stranger that conveys our excitement.

A few weeks later, Ryan came to Raleigh and Pat, Cobey and I went to see him. We decided not to get there too much earlier than the doors open. We could not believe when we arrived and there was not much of a line. We also could not  believe when we got in and got to be up front. Cobey was on the front row because he took Zan’s spot. After the speech, Zan put several photos on Cobey’s head to be signed.  When he finished he noticed that Cobey was under the folder and I asked for a photos. He was very excited!!

Pam Kerley and I went to a fundraiser for Mike Stone that was a fun evening where we won our money back in a reverse drawing. Cobey attended his first political fundraiser alone when he went to Frank Del Plazzo’s fundraiser.

We also went to AFP’s Obama’s Failing Agenda Tour in Sanford and in Raleigh. Michelle Malkin spoke in Raleigh and brought out a big crowd. The homeschool and Dan crew were well represented in Sanford.  Cobey was asked by Jeff to help serve ice cream in Sanford and then again in Raleigh. He and his friend Tanner had a big time.


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2012 NC GOP Convention

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I just got back from the 2012 NC GOP Convention. It was so much fun to go with Pam Kerley who had never been. I loved showing her the ropes. We arrived on Friday such in time for a lunch at the LiberTea Suite and to hear Tim Daughtry speak. He did a excellent job speaking on how to defend and promote Constitutional conservatism. EVERY conservative should read his book – Waking the Sleeping Giant. I have not read it yet but after listening to his talk it has to be good and it is in the stack. It is time we stop just talking about taking back our country and start obtaining the tools to get it back. This book is a great start. The LiberTea Suite was awesome all weekend and we visited several times.



After lunch, we stayed for the Council of State races forum. I am not just saying this because I am a Dan fan but he knocked it out of the park.  Tony Gurley seemed nervous – maybe it was being in a room full of red shirts. Dan came across as the statesman in the room. Dan has visited every county at least once – many multiple times. Gurley spent money on ads. It is clear that Dan will be a Lt Governor that listens and is their to serve the people of North Carolina. The next stark difference was Ed Goodwin and Kenn Gardner in the Secretary of State race. Goodwin took command of the forum and seemed confident. Gardner read from his notes about weeding the garden. I loved when Goodwin said if we can track a cow from birth to table we should just give each illegal immigrant a cow. John Tedsco and Richard Alexander – State Superintendent were next. This was a little closer with both making really good points but Tedsco seems to have the momentum. Mike Causey spoke. His opponent, Richard Morgan, did not bother to show up. We MUST defeat Morgan in July. If you don’t know his background then ask me and I will give you the details. Many of the attendees went to see Donald Trump that night.  Pam and I started visiting the hospitality suites early. After Trump,  Dan’s suite was packed and we heard about the ice cream all weekend.

On Saturday, we started the day at a breakout where Speaker of the House Thom Tillis gave a legislative update and held a town hall type meeting. We caught up with him later at a hospitality suite and got a photo. (see photo at top) We had a great conversation about this visit with Rep. Mike Stone to Turkey. At lunch we heard Gov Tim Pawlenty and dinner Gov Rick Perry. Surprising, I liked Pawlenty speech the best but everyone was on the same page which is this is a key election and we need to get behind Roomney.  My favorite quote from Pawlenty –  “We have to stop running the government like an open bar.” My favorite Perry quote -“Whether you’re Tarheel blue or Blue Devil blue, we can all agree that this November North Carolina needs to be Wolfpack red.”  We re-elected Rep David Lewis as National Committeeman and Ada Fisher as National Committeewoman. We approved the platform and some resolutions but the highlight of the business meeting was an inspiring speech from our the future governor of NC – Pat McCory.  The night ended much like the one before with a little dancing and AWESOME comedy from Steven Crowder added in.

Sunday morning we went to the Prayer Breakfast which was another highlight of the weekend. I loved hearing Dale Folwell, US Rep Virginia Foxx, Justice Paul Newby and Ralph Reed speak. As Christians , I feel more and more strongly that is our RESPONSIBILITY  to take back our culture and our country. After this weekend, I have hope that we have some excellent people to help accomplish this goal but we need many more people to get engaged in the process. After breakfast, we had some photos taken  to prove we do have other clothes besides Dan T-shirts. I am already looking forward to next year in Charlotte when we will have a Roomney as President, Pat as Govenor, Dan as Lt Governor, Ed as Secretary of Stake, Mike as Commissioner of Issuance, Newby still on the NC Supreme Court, Lewis, Stone and Jordan still in the NC House,and  Brock still in the State Senate. Now that is going to be a party!! David Lewis better go ahead and get reserve us a big suite!!

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AHG Visits NC Capitol and Legislative Building

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American Heritage Girls  Troop 1715 met in Raleigh for a field trip to our state Capitol. In the fall, we will  start off working on our Citizenship badge. We wanted to tour while the legislature was still in session so we scheduled the trip as soon as school was out. Our first tour was of the Capitol where we told of stories of fire, paintings being saved, legends and more. Cobey was chosen to try on tails and top hat which is what the  Senators would have worn in the 1800s. I wonder if that will be foreshadowing of his future in politics.  The Capitol is no longer used for the legislative branch but the governor’s office is there.

After the Capitol Building, we toured the legislative building were we saw both houses and learned how bills get passed. Our guide did a great job of explaining it on their level. There was a stark contrast between the two buildings in style and technology. The kids enjoyed seeing an anti animal abuse bill that was signed by the governor, the speaker of the house and a dog. The highlight was when we saw AHG dad and NC House Representative Mike Stone. He gave each of the girls legislative pins and a book. The last stop was the mural where our tour guide explained the three regions and many of the symbols in it. We also ran into my good friend Representative Jonathan Jordan there and I introduced him to the girls.

This was the first day of a 19 day road trip for the  kids and I. I hope you will follow us along our travels!

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Interesting Links Concerning Letter to Lawmaker

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Thursday Jun 9, 2011 Under Politics

Williams Statement


The E-mail


School Board Policy 7720


School Board Policy 5210 Look at C4


This one shows what a great guy Moss is


This is a press release from Chairman of BOC concerning funding to BOE and statements in Newspaper. (loosely related)



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Response by Chairman of Lee County School Board

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Here is the comments by the chairman of the Lee County School Board:


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School Board member Cameron Sharpe stands up against Superintendent Moss

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Wednesday Jun 8, 2011 Under Politics


June 8, 2011

This past week, Lee County Schools garnered national attention when a Tramway Elementary School teacher required that her students compose letters to Representative Mike Stone. The letters outlined for Mr. Stone a series of concerns related to the impact that the loss of teaching assistants might have on education and school safety and further urged the Representative to increase the amount of educational funds included in the NC budget.

While I believe that even the youngest among us are entitled to free speech as provided us by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, I do not believe that the manipulation and exploitation of our students for the purposes of propagating a specific and biased political position is representative of the spirit of the First Amendment.

Both Superintendent Jeff Moss and School Board Chairman Shawn Williams have expressed support for this type of irresponsible abuse of power within our schools, however, I feel it is important that members of the public recognize that the opinions of these individuals do not represent the the position of the school board as a whole.

As a member of the Lee County Board of Education, I was elected to represent the interests of the people of Lee County in providing a system of education for our youth that operates efficiently, effectively, and in accordance with NC State Law and with the Policies set forth by the Lee County Board of Education.

Under the provisions of Lee County School Board Policy 7300, I believe the following:

  • It is inappropriate for education officials at any level to use our students as pawns in the furtherance of any particular political agenda.
  • It is inappropriate for Lee County Schools employees at any level to use district time and resources in the furtherance of any particular political agenda.
  • It is wholly improper for any employee of Lee County schools to use his or her position or title to represent or support an particular political agenda.

It seems clear that Dr. Moss fails to recognize that his is not a political position and that he, by engaging in political posturing, has violated the trust of school board, the constiuents, and the children of this district. Unfortunately, many of our well-intended school level teachers and staff have been encouraged by administrators to engage in activities that are in violation of Lee County Schools Policies.

As a School Board Member, I would like to personally apologize to Representative Stone and his family for the violation of his trust and his daughter’s rights. In the future, we should make every effort to ensure that the actions of every employee of Lee County Schools are representative of a clear understanding of the purpose of this system of education and that the rights of our students and the trust of our constituents are not violated.

Lee County School Board Policy 7300

For students to succeed, school employees must approach their responsibilities conscientiously, always remembering that the ultimate responsibility of the school district is to provide students with the opportunity to receive a sound basic education.

All school employees shall:

1. familiarize themselves with; comply with; support; and, when appropriate, enforce board policies, administrative procedures, school rules and applicable laws;

2. place the welfare of students as the first concern of the school district and attend to the safety and welfare of students, including the need to provide appropriate supervision of students;

3. properly use, take care of and protect school property, equipment and materials;

4. demonstrate integrity, respect and commitment to the truth through attitudes, behavior, dress, and communications with others;

5. regularly and promptly attend work;

6. carry out assigned responsibilities in a conscientious manner and maintain efficiency and knowledge of the developments in any relevant field(s) of work;

7. transact all official business with the properly designated officials in the school district and submit required reports promptly at the times specified;

8. work with other staff members to ensure the effective and efficient operation of the district’s schools;

9. refrain from using school employment, contacts and privileges to promote partisan politics, personal or religious views or propaganda of any kind;

10. address or appropriately direct any complaints concerning school employees, the school program or school operations;

11. maintain just and courteous professional relationships with students, parents, staff members and others; and

12. support and encourage good school-community relations in all interactions with students, parents and members of the community, and establish cooperation between the community and the school district.

Also see Lee County Schools Policy Code 5210

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Call the Lee County School Board to action

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Wednesday Jun 8, 2011 Under Politics

For months, Lee County teachers have been encouraged to write letters, attend meetings and have students speak at events in support of the administration’s position.

Enough is enough.

Existing policies (5210 and 7720 for instance) allow the use of political materials for instructional purposes but strictly prohibit the use of materials or job position to promote a specific party, candidate or issue.

According to the Sanford Herald, Shawn Williams, chairman of the School Board doesn’t think having 3rd graders write a letter to an elected official advocating a designated position falls into that category. Is he for real?

If you’ve had enough of this nonsense and want Superintendent Moss held accountable, please contact the school board members; their contact information is below:

Shawn Williams— shawnwilliams@lee.k12.nc.us (919) 777-2798

John Bonardi– jbonardi@lee.k12.nc.us (919) 776-2789

Mark Akinosho– makinosho@lee.k12.nc.us (919) 775-8133 (Work); (919) 770-4448 (Mobile); (919) 718-5004 (Home)

Cameron Sharpe– cameronsharpe@lee.k12.nc.us (919) 498-2250 (Work); (919) 498-4992 (Mobile)

Linda Smith– lindasmith@lee.k12.nc.us (919) 774-6781

Dr. Lynn Smith– lynnsmith@lee.k12.nc.us (919) 776-8083

Bill Tatum– billtatum@lee.k12.nc.us (919) 774-8806

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Lawmaker Gets Letter from Daughter

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Tuesday Jun 7, 2011 Under Politics

I know all the people involved in this story and I feel bad first for the little girl and second for the teacher. I believe it was poor judgement by the teacher but can understand  why it happen with environment of the school. I don’t think she believed she was doing anything wrong or hurtful and maybe that is where the problem lies. It is days like this that I am so thankful that I homeschool. While the kids are at school, the system believes you have no parental authority and that is the foundation of this issue.

The letter I sent to the local paper is below.

Regarding the story about Rep. Mike Stone getting a letter from his daughter, the blame needs to be placed squarely at the feet of Dr. Moss for creating and encouraging this environment.

For months the administration has encouraged LCS personnel to attend meetings, write letters and even have students speak at meetings to increase their budget.  Writing a letter to an elected official can be a good learning experience for a child, but not when it is the daughter of an elected official to which the class is writing.

It is hard to believe this was a true writing assignment with educational benefits, especially when only one side of the issue was covered.  Lee County Schools should never use children in such a manner.

Why did the teacher not explain that Dr. Moss got a 21 percent raise last year that could easily pay for full-time Teaching Assistant positions?  The students should have learned that Dr. Moss spent 4.6 million dollars on laptops last year from the budget line item that funds teachers.   The students could also have been told about the fact that administrators are overpaid compared to other similar counties.

The teacher should have told the children that Rep. Stone and other newly elected legislators in Raleigh are actually doing what they promised during the election, letting the temporary sales tax be, temporary.

Dr. Moss’ lies and unethical tactics have no place in the Lee County School System.  It is time for the School Board to terminate him with prejudice!

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Wilmington Weekend in Review

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Sunday Jun 5, 2011 Under Good Eats/Not So Good Eats, Politics, Travel

I am back from a weekend in Wilmington and I fall more in love with the city every time I go. It will always be a special because Bruce proposed to me there. The most amazing proposal I may add. There is just something about a town on water that I can’t help but love.

We stayed at the Hilton Wilmington Riverside. The hotel was nicely decorated and the staff was friendly and efficient. The beds were very comfortable and I slept great both nights. We had an amazing view of the river and battleship. We also had a good hot breakfast both mornings with a variety of items to chose from. The hotel is within in walking distances of the convention center, shopping, and restaurants. This is a definitely a barefoot hotel and I highly recommend it.

I had lunch on Saturday at The Basics. I had eaten a late breakfast so I only ordered a side salad but the homemade dressing was wonderful. Everyone else enjoyed their meal and they had good portion sizes. The service was fast and friendly. The prices were very reasonable. I would love to return when I am more hungry.

Another spot we really enjoyed was Live on Grace. It was only two blocks from the hotel. They have live local music most nights.  It has a great atmosphere and a wonderful place to hang out and have a few drinks. The owners and staff are welcoming and friendly. Stop by Live on Grace and say hello to Jeff and Chris for me.

And now for the reason I was even in town- the NCGOP convention. It was a good weekend. We elected Robin Hayes as Chairman and Wayne King as Vice Chairman. We passed a solid state platform and some good resolutions.  The highlight for me was the speech by Congressman Allan West. I enjoyed meeting Dan Forrest who is running for Lt. Governor. I always enjoy hearing from Pat McCory, the next Governor of our great state. He is inspiration and motivational. The real hope we have is that we can take back this country with great men like Pat McCory. We need to support people like Paul Newby for Supreme Court Judge, McCory for Governor, Gurley or Forrest for Lt Governor, and more. Find someone you can believe in and then work as hard as you can for them . 2012 will be here before you know it!

You can find out more details about the convention at my friends blog:  http://Katysconservativecorner.com.


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