National Museum of the Marine Corps

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Friday Feb 15, 2013 Under Claire, Cobey, Homeschool, Kid's Corner, Military Museums, Travel, Uncategorized

D-Day HeroCobey and I went to this museum on the way back from The Generation Joshua conference. We loved it and had to rush thru because of time but we put it on the list to comeback and bring Bruce and Claire. We finally made the time to go. This time we rented the audio tour for the kids and had several hours. It is a great timeline of American history and there are several hands-on activities for the kids. The exhibits are very well put together and have interesting variety of use of artifacts, audio, visual, etc. The best part of this visit was meeting and talking with a man who was at Iwo Jima in War World. He told us how three ships that were damaged at Pearl Harbor were refurbished and took part at Iwo Jima (Nevada, West Virginia and the Tennessee).  Both the Nevada and West Virginia were sunk at Pearl Harbor and then raised and refitted.  The Nevada is the only ship to be at Pearl Harbor, the D-Day invasion of Europe and Iwo Jima.  I highly recommend this museum. I am surprised that a military museum would be one of my top picks but this one is.


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