Carl Sandburg National Park

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Monday Jul 16, 2012 Under Claire, Cobey, Homeschool, Kid's Corner, National Parks, NC History, North Carolina

After we picked up Cobey from Camp Arrowhead  and got a quick bite to eat, we headed a very short ride to Carl Sandburg National Park. All I knew about Carl Sandburg was that he was a famous American Poet but you know we never drive pass a National Park unless we have to. The parking lot was full when we got there but the park did not seem too busy.  You have to take a short hike up to the house and the vistors center which is in the bottom of the house.  We bought tickets for the next tour and got Junior Ranger books. The books are really simple and they did all the activities to get a badge and a patch.  The house is not particular impressive but interesting. It gives a great glimpse into the life of Carl Sandburg and his wife Lillian Steichen.

The first thing we learned was he was a socialist. Glad, I did not know that before.  I really loved the story about not getting into West Point because he failed his entrance exam in grammar.  Despite his failure in passing grammar, he becomes a very successful accomplished writer. I  love stories of overcoming obstacles and not giving up. His wife was very famous in the world of goat breeding. She breed a goat named Jennifer that produced 3 gallons of milk per day. That was a world record that stood for many years. Most of the things in the house are originals. You could almost see him working at his desk.After we had the house tour, we went into another building and had a talk on how to make goat cheese. Claire enjoyed tasting the cheese and liked it. We also visited the barn where we saw goats and an exhibit on processing goat milk.  The kids turned in their books and then we headed home.

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