Community Flag Retirement Ceremony

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Sunday Jul 1, 2012 Under American Heritage Girls, Claire, Kid's Corner


My favorite American Heritage Girls’ projects usually have to do with patriotism and make me proud to be part of such a wonderful organization. Last week was no different. On Wednesday, we went to the Boys and Girls Club of Sanford and taught the kids about the history of the flag and flag etiquette. The girls then helped the boys and girls prepare the flags that they had collected to be retired. The community ended up sending in over 20 flags and some where very large like the one pictured above.

On Friday evening, the Boys and Girls Club hosted a Community Flag Retirement Event, I was a little worried that we would not have a good showing of girls because the temperature was over a 100 that day. I was so proud that we had more girls attend the ceremony than we had at a lake party earlier in the day. These girls and families showed that they had their priorities in order. I have to admit that I thought once or twice about not attending because of the heat. But I reminded myself that it was the least I could do after all our servicemen and woman have sacrificed for us. It was a small way for my family to honor them. The Pioneers and Patriots  were responsible for writing the script and executing the flag retirement ceremony part of the program. They did a wonderful job. The kids from the Boys and Girls club retired the flags in honor of their family members who had or were serving in the armed services. The most touching moment was when two girls (pictured t left) retired a flag in memory of their dad who was killed in Afghanistan in 2009. I dont think there was a dry eye there when the smallest girl started to cry and put her head in her sisters lap. It was so sweet and at that moment you did not even notice the heat. The Boys and Girls Club put on a great event and I am so honored that we got to participate.


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