Today, we stopped in Camden, SC on our way to Columbia. It was one of the Revolutionary Sites that we never made it to last year while we were studying the Revolutionary War. We came to a site. We got out and went into a small house that was the visitors center. We had been inside for a few minutes and  had not seen anyone. Claire in a very loud voice said, “Is anyone in here.” A lady came out of a back room on the phone. She told us the buildings were open and there was a movie but she she did not seem to want to be bothered. We went out and I told the kids this must not be it. So, we got back in the car and road down the road some more. Well, that was it so we went back. We started with the movie which was okay. It did get Cobey excited about the significance of the town. It is one that loops so we started in the middle which I hate. We then walked around and we did find the Kershaw house which looked nice but was locked. There are several other buildings on the grounds with displays but  we were not impressed at all. It probably would have been much better if we I had gotten their in time for the three o’clock tour. We gave it three thumbs down for our experience and that is from kids that love history. I suggest making sure you make one of the guided tours or skip this stop all together. Hoping for better luck tomorrow.


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