It is now February so things are rolling again. We spent a little over 24 hours earlier this week in Charlotte. We got there Monday afternoon and headed straight for Discovery Place. I have not been in years and boy has it changed. They first went into Kidscience where they loved the huge Lite Brite. They say the room is for ages 0-7 but both the kids liked several things in the room. The next room that they spent some time in was  one of the labs. They never get tired of touching a hermit crab. They saw some different animals and played a game about the water cycle. After going thru the rainforest, we headed upstairs. They both enjoyed putting up a shelter and then designing a cafe on the computer. Claire loved laying on a bed of nails and the air chair in the Cool Stuff exhibit. It is a great hands-on way to learn about physics. We spent about two hours and could have stayed longer but we had another stop to make. We have a museum pass so it only cost us the $8 parking fee. We dropped by Dan Forest Headquarters to pick up Cobey a shirt and then headed to meet friends for dinner.

The next morning we were at the NASCAR Hall of Fame waiting for it to open. I had heard mixed reviews on the the museum but we loved it. If you are looking for a museum with lots of stuff to look at but not much to do then this is not the place for you. The museum is very interactive and hands-on. You get a card when you go in then you can  play games and do activities to earn points. Some of the kids loved that part. The experience starts with a movie that gives a good overview of the sport.  We had a good size group with several families which made it even more fun. They loved competing at the pit stop exhibit (pictured on right) to see who was the fastest.  There are several simulators that cost extra. We only did the race one which Cobey enjoyed. Cobey also loved pretending to announce the race on the radio. Claire liked waving the flags, the M and M colorful fan exhibit and the pit stop. We spent a little over two hours at the museum and then had lunch next door at the Buffalo Wild Wing Cafe. The food and service were good. We  then headed for the track- Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Our group did the Over the Wall tour which was awesome. We saw the Performance Racing Network studios, the Speedway Club and the luxury suites. The view from the club and suites was amazing. We then hopped in the van to tour the track. This part included two laps around the track and  a ride on the drag strip. This was the highlight of the tour and that little van got moving pretty fast. We were lucky enough to have a tour guide that had been employed there since 1969. She was a wealth of knowledge and not a timid driver either. We also got out and saw the Time Warner media center and got to stand in victory circle. It was a great ending to our day. Some of our group liked the tour better and some liked the museum better.  They are very different experiences so try them both out. I really enjoyed both and so did my kids. Well, tomorrow we are off to Columbia so I will report back in-  real soon!






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