AHG at Great Wolf Lodge

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Wednesday Oct 5, 2011 Under American Heritage Girls, Claire, Homeschool, Travel

Our American Heritage Girls troop went on Sunday and Monday to Great Wolf Lodge in Concord. This was our families fourth trip to this one. On the way down, I was thinking this may be our last trip but the experience changed my mind.

The problem was arranging a group visit. The way it was set up was not easy for our group to deal with. It took multiple phone calls over the last few months. I would not set up a group again and do not recommend it. The last three times we went was with Homeschool Days which was a better price and less hassle.

When we arrived, we got a free upgrade because of our previous stays. I let Claire pick the room and she picked the KidCabin. The cabin has a bunk bed  and a single bed. Then the room has a bed and a pull-out couch. The kids loved the room but Majestic Bear is may favorite.

The water park is clean and the lifeguards do an awesome job watching out for the kids. The kids had hours and hours of fun and I could relax in a chair. They also had hours of fun doing Magiquest.  All the parents sat in the lobby and socialized while the kids played the game for hours. I know it is an extra charge but for the hours of fun it is worth it.

Claire spent several hours in the Cub Club making crafts. She loves making the lotion and body gel. We also do the Wolf  Walk this time. It was cute but not something we would do every time but passed the time while waiting for the water park to open.

I promised Cobey he could pick the room the next time so I guess we will be watching for Homeschool Days.

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