AHG Agape Day Camp

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Wednesday Aug 17, 2011 Under American Heritage Girls, Claire, Kid's Corner


Yesterday, American Heritage Girls had a multi troop event at Agape Center for Environmental Education. It is located off 42 between Sanford and Fuquay. It was from 10 to 4 and we had girls from five different troops. We were divided into three group two groups of Pathfinders and Tenderhearts and one group of Explorer and up. The Pathfinders and Tenderhearts spent the morning learning about Native Americans. They learned where they lived, what they ate, and played games that they played. One of the highlights was building a shelter. The older girls learned survival skills in the wilderness and also built a shelter.

After lunch the  younger girls learned about insects and wildlife. They got to catch insects and investigate them. The highlight was going out the animal door in the wildlife center. One of the girls said it was the best day of her life!   The older girls did research on three different ecosystems- the forest, the meadow and the swamp. They found out the ph of the soil. They measured the air temp, soil temp, wind, and humidity. They identified plant and animal life in each area. It was a great program! I am always so impressed with the knowledge of the staff here.  Mir, the director, is a walking nature encyclopedia. The girls were engaged the entire day and had a great time.  If you want a great field trip, where the kids learn a lot and have a great time- Agape is it!





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