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Posted by Carmen Ledford on Saturday Jul 23, 2011 Under Cobey, Uncategorized

We picked Cobey up from Camp Arrowhead today. This was his first overnight camp experience.  Last fall, we visited four camps and talked with the directors at each. I would have felt comfortable with him attending any of the camps but Cobey picked Camp Arrowhead. He had an elaborate spreadsheet and gave points for each activity he wanted at a camp. Camp Arrowhead won out with the most points by far.

When we picked him up, he was excited to see us for a minute but then he got grumpy and started crying. He did not want to leave. Sam Pollina, the camp director talked to him and he seemed to be better. Cobey showed us around a little bit and then we got his things and  headed for Kings Mountain State Park.

Cobey said his favorite activity was blacksmithing. His favorite night time activity was the camp’s version of Capture the Flag.  Each camper gets placed in one of two tribes and then the tribes compete throughout the summer. He seemed to really enjoy the competition between the tribes.  He shared with us a lot of other memories but these were the highlights.

I like that the camp is small. They only have up to 130 boys per session. I like that it is all boys camp. (They do have a sister camp  that they had a Wild West Day with on one of the evenings.)  I was impressed with the director the day we meet him and continue to be. The camp is unique in that you learn a skill then go out on a field trip. You may learn to kayak in the lake then go out on a river and kayak. It was the only camp that we visited that had blacksmithing which Cobey loved.  Those are a few things I really appreciate about the camp.

If I had to do it over, I would have tried to send him two weeks. I think they have more time to  progress through the activities and learning. The director tried to tell me but I could not image him being gone that long. We will try for two weeks next summer.


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