Fabulous Day In Maine

Posted by Carmen Ledford on Monday Jun 27, 2011 Under Claire, Cobey, Good Eats/Not So Good Eats, Homeschool, Kid's Corner, Travel

We had an absolutely fabulous day in Maine. It is hands down the most beautiful place we have been to yet. The Cape has nothing on Maine. I am so sad we only had one day here but we will be back.

Cobey wanted to go on a lobster boat. A friend recommended Lucky Catch to me. I called on Sat and they had openings on Monday for a special cruise at 8:30 when they would have a camera crew on board. It was hard getting up and out but so worth it. It was only us, one other customer, the boat crew and camera crew. The kids LOVED it!

This was better than any science class. They did not just learn about lobsters but other marine life too. They also told us about the area and the views were beautiful. We had a great view of the Portland Head Lighthouse. Oh, I almost forgot we caught a certain fish (can’t remember the name)  in the trap  and Cobey and I kissed it for two years of good luck! Everyone should do this at least once!




We went and saw the Portland Head Lighthouse- the most photographed lighthouse in the world. They have a small museum there that has some really interesting information. You have to read everything so my kids did not last long. Claire did like the model that showed the changes of the lighthouse through the years. One of the lobster boat crew recommended that we have lunch at The Lobster  Shack at Two Lights. We had a lobster roll and a Whoopie Pie of course.  Cobey was not so sure about lobster but Claire loved the Whoopie Pie. You are eating some great food with a wonderful view.





The last stop was a park in Freeport, Maine where we meet my friends-  Sarah and TJ. This was the biggest reason we went in Maine. I felt like we were that close we needed to see them. The kids had a great time running around the park and playing in the tide pools. TJ showed them how to climb a tree and sharpen a rock. He mentioned he thought Cobey was African because of the things he was doing. Cobey took this to heart. This evening someone asked if he had Irish or Scottish in him. Cobey replied no, I am African. The lady paused a minute and said I can see that. We were a little sad that we were not able to see the baby but we will get to meet her next trip.

I can not wait to go explore Maine more! I see a future trip but hopefully by plane.




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